Mtbrd : Damn Fine *Album feature + interview*

We were so thrilled to hear that Mtbrd had released a new album after supporting his last album on Genre Confused back in 2016, you can check that out here.

We love anything sample ridden and music that is pure vibes, and this album is just that!

We caught up with Mtbrd to have a chat about it!

What would you say your favourite sample on the album is?

My favourite sample from the album is probably the one used on When I Tell You. It has some great, clean sections that are wide open for messing with and others that are perfect for classic soul chops.

What is your favourite soul album, ever?

My favourite soul album is easily What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye. Sometimes if I get really obsessive about an album I’ll listen to it over and over until I’ve listened to it too much and reach a saturation point and ruin it for myself, but I’ve never seemed to hit that moment with this album.

Favourite production on albums, new and old?

I love the production on Con Todo el Mundo by Khruangbin. It’s so well balanced and simple. I particularly love the drum sound on that album. And as for an older album, I’d have to mention What’s Going On again. I recently upgraded my speakers and listening to that album again I can hear claps, percussion and breathiness that I’d never noticed before. As cliché as it sounds but it’s been like listening to it for the first time again.

Thanks for reading and listening!

Amelia Airhorn // NY Is Red Hot

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Bit late to the party but our absolute favourite disco vapour monster Skylar Spence has teamed up with The Knocks called Amelia Airhorn … because why the hell not. ‘NY Is Red Hot’ takes a sample of boogie heavyweight ‘Take The Country to New York City’ by Bohannon and adds some extra groove. Great fun for this summer heat.

Dig into the whole album over here on Soundcloud as presumably its too much of a licensing nightmare to get anywhere near Spotify. Shame.

Vanilla // Forgettin’

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So happy to have Vanilla back with some brand new beats. Usually we only have to wait a year before he drops another album. This time round we had to wait an extra 3 months. Not sure how we managed. This time round its a bit smoother and less soulful. Nothing wrong with that at all.

One of my early favourites of ‘Moonlight’ is this great flip of Michael McDonald’s ‘I Keep Forgettin’. Vanilla’s signature tight production is there in full force as he turns the original groove well up with that punchy vocal and guitar.

Looking forward to digging into the rest of the album and discovering which sampled gems are hidden there. Something to distract me from endlessly wondering (and googling) ‘who the hell is Vanilla‘!

Grab your copy of ‘Moonlight’ here