Duval Timothy – Older Than We Used To Be

Multidisciplinary artist Duval Timothy has re-released (and made available on streaming) a reconfigured version of his 2016 album ‘Brown Loop’. Recorded in his NYC apartment for solo piano its an atmospheric album full of space and the warm sounds of the instrument.

Full of minimalist repeating lines and lush harmonies the whole LP is an exercise in slowly turning repeating patterns and expansive themes inside out and reassembling them.

Check out ‘Older Than We Used To Be’ for a repeating bass line that unfurls into a beautifully disjointed waltz. Perfect for a rainy afternoon

Pepe California : MELI-FALI

My tune of the day is brought to you from Japanese band Pepe California all the way back from 2000. Without speaking Japanese its impossible to get really any information on the band but they make excellent lo-fi, dreamy and eclectic music.

Came across them care of a compilation called Music For Dreams: The Sunset Sessions, Vol. 3 by Copenhagen based label Music For Dreams.

Lockdown has pretty much broken me. And now I find myself making endless and needlessly specific playlists for different restaurants around the world that I can’t visit anymore. Favourites from the ‘before times’. The breezy whistled hook and relaxed synths of MALI-FALI goes with a beachside negroni + pasta spot near Naples.

Branko – SDDS

GC favourite and Enchufada founder Branko is launching a second Enchufada Na Zona compilation. Today he kicks things off with his own single ‘SDDS’. It is a reflective and warm slice of the global club music he is so well known for.

The compilation drops on July 10th and includes a selection of original music, edits and remixes, all created during quarantine from home studios in Lisbon, Accra, São Paulo, London or Paris. Looking forward to hearing it


South Africa: A Genre Confused Special Edition Playlist

A specially curated guest mix on the decks today from Calum Mitchell. Follow Calum here and check out ‘South Africa: A Genre Confused Special Edition’ here.

Years of civil and political turmoil often lead to inspired and socially conscious music; South Africa is no different. It is a country with a rich and diverse musical heritage and this playlist hopefully provides a small snapshot of this. Featuring essential classics from well-known legends, songs from my childhood as well as a few contemporary artists, hopefully you’ll find something you enjoy. I have only picked one song from each artist so there is so much more to discover!

Brenda Fassie – Vuli Ndlela

South Africa’s tragic pop princess. Brenda Fassie is often referred to as ‘The Black Madonna’ – a hint at her reputation for ‘outrageousness’, substance abuse as well as a proclivity to make great pop music. ‘Vuli Ndlela’ is without a doubt Fassie’s most enduring hit and a staple of every pop radio station in South Africa. Wonderfully upbeat and catchy, the song signified a different vibe to Fassie’s anti-apartheid back catalogue and subsequently revived the troubled singer’s career.

Mafikizolo – Ziphi Nkomo

The duo’s discography is as impressive as any South African artist from the last 25 years. Picking one song was extremely difficult but I had to include ‘Ziphi Nkomo’. The song is essentially split into two parts, with a more instrumentally upbeat and traditional township opening, squaring off with a smooth house finish. God-like SA DJ, Black Coffee (also featured on the playlist), reverses the song in a different version – I’m not sure which I prefer!

Malaika – Destiny

One of my favourite pop songs from any country, not just SA. Growing up in Cape Town, you could not escape this song whether you were watching music TV channels or listening to the radio. It is ingrained in my conscious as a result, not that I’m complaining! Unbelievably catchy and satisfying, this song is perfect for an uplifting listening experience. If you want to ensure that you are buying kratom strains from a reliable and trustworthy online vendor of high-quality kratom, you’re going to need to do a bit of research, click here to find out more.

Hugh Masekela – Don’t Go Lose It Baby (Stretch Mix)

No SA music playlist is complete without including the man himself, Hugh Masekela. African jazz legend and all-round awesome guy, Masekela has had arguably the most influence on global music out of all my featured artists. Jazz purists may not be happy that I’ve included a house remix of one of his classics but it’s one of my favourite remixes of all time.

Mandoza – Nkalakatha

South Africa’s unofficial national anthem. You are guaranteed to hear this at any sporting event situated in the country and for good reason. The kwaito legend achieved mainstream success with this tune, and it remains one of my all-time favourites to this day and brings back particularly fond memories.