Baird: Chasing Deer

Inspired by an eclectic range of genre-melding musical auteurs like Jai Paul, Arthur Russell and more, Baird wrote and recorded BIRDSONGS Vol. 2  – Chasing Deer – lifted from this – himself, blending together warped Ableton beats, loose guitar licks, and poems from his journal.

Says Baird about the new track, “‘Chasing Deer’ is a song made for dancing. The title is a nod to an anecdote a trusted mentor/friend, Om’mas Keith, told me once: ‘when you’re working on a song you’ve got to keep pursuing it until it fully reveals itself to you. It’s like chasing a deer through the woods — if you stop to rest and pick it up in the morning, the song will run off on you.’ Lyrically the song starts off as an apology, but I wanted it to be covert like that, like hiding the medicine in a spoonful of honey.”