Tom Misch // Memories

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It seems frankly quite ridiculous that we have not posted a Tom Misch track at all on the blog. Massive oversight that has to be rectified. In fact it shall be rectified right bloody now.

Tom is a beats guy. Influenced by jazz, soul, funk and hip hop. A typical Dilla maniac. You know the story. However that really doesn’t do his music justice. His Beat Tape 1 album is wonderful but as you can hear from the above track ‘Memory’ there is a lot more going on.

I absolutely love the textures and layering in this track. There is deep groove and something really clever about how everything shifts around the never wavering steel pan line. Really brings Steve Reich’s Music For 18 Musicians to my mind. Particularly the way Reich uses the Marimba in Section III A … or maybe thats just me! The unusual match of typically tropical steel pans with mournful sustained strings is not a combination you hear that often. Especially in this context. Something different is going on here and I’m really excited to hear where it goes next.


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