Ata Kak // Obaa Sima

This was the tape that started it all and gave birth to the logically named label/blog Awesome Tapes From Africa.

The first listen for me was a unique but instantly engaging experience. Its just not the kind of music that I’d come across before. Stuttering drum machined beats, punchy synths and endless hypnotic looping serve as the basis for Ata Kak’s ridiculously dextrous lyrical twists and turns. As the track builds he is joined by female backing singers in a call and answer patter than reminds me of some of William Onyeabors stranger moments. Its a really fascinating listen and, although I don’t understand the lyrics, its bursting with energy and positivity.

Is it Afro-house? Hiplife? I don’t really know but I’m looking forward to digging deeper and learning more. You’ve got to admire the dedication and sleuthing that has given birth to this reissue. Its not just on tape anymore.