JOME // Cinnamon

Was absolutely blown away on first listen by this single from LA synthy-popper JOME. Its a gorgeously spacious song. Soft plucked guitar lines and a powerful vocal are the centrepiece of this track. It builds up from a lonely beginning with powerful drums, subtly cracking synths and breathy harmonies before falling back to voice and piano. Masterfully orchestrated. This one is sure to get stuck in your head. It is absolutely stuck in mine.

Make sure to go back and listen to the slightly more ‘up’ Brushstroke while you’re at it.



Omar Souleyman // Enssa El Aatab

Omar Souleyman’s Wenu Wenu album was one of my favourite releases of 2013 with its confusingly named standout tracks ‘Wenu Wenu’ and ‘Warsi Warsi’ getting serious plays along with the Crackboy remix released as part of Acid Arab’s cracking curated compilation. Its fair to say that Omar Souleyman is my favourite wedding singer going.

So whats new? Only a new album with production from the likes of Four Tet, Modeselektor and arbiter of all good music Gilles Peterson. Thats a tasty combination.

The first track from the album is Enssa El Aatab and its everything you’d expect. Nimble picked lines punctuating Omar’s vocal whilst the ferocious beat pounds on stopping and starting in the most unpredictable places. Keeping you on your toes and keeping you moving. Chainsaw synths never sounded this beautiful.

Take a listen whilst you enjoy a photo of the man himself posing for a holiday snap in front of a green screened Eiffel Tower.


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