Vanilla // Forgettin’

So happy to have Vanilla back with some brand new beats. Usually we only have to wait a year before he drops another album. This time round we had to wait an extra 3 months. Not sure how we managed. This time round its a bit smoother and less soulful. Nothing wrong with that at all.

One of my early favourites of ‘Moonlight’ is this great flip of Michael McDonald’s ‘I Keep Forgettin’. Vanilla’s signature tight production is there in full force as he turns the original groove well up with that punchy vocal and guitar.

Looking forward to digging into the rest of the album and discovering which sampled gems are hidden there. Something to distract me from endlessly wondering (and googling) ‘who the hell is Vanilla‘!

Grab your copy of ‘Moonlight’ here


Tuxedo // July

The best news in this overflowing river of bad news is that Tuxedo are back in business! Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One have dropped a short and sweet EP of their signature boogie bangers. We love the title track ‘Fux With The Tux’ (obviously) but at the same time we can’t resist a good old slow jam. So here is the hot ‘July’. Check out the whole EP.


Mullally // Wonderful

Bubbling to the top of my most played tracks in recent weeks is this new track from Mullally. ‘Wonderful’ brilliantly kicks off with a contemporary shuffle groove that drags you into a big chorus and spits you out for a jazz nerd modulating key change. It’s modern production mixed with classic soulful songwriting. Big fan. And the Internet tells me Mullally is originally from Norfolk. It’s not often you read that.

Quite a ‘zesty neo-soul’ statement from Mullally. Looking forward to listening to what comes next.