Amelia Airhorn // NY Is Red Hot

Bit late to the party but our absolute favourite disco vapour monster Skylar Spence has teamed up with The Knocks called Amelia Airhorn … because why the hell not. ‘NY Is Red Hot’ takes a sample of boogie heavyweight ‘Take The Country to New York City’ by Bohannon and adds some extra groove. Great fun for this summer heat.

Dig into the whole album over here on Soundcloud as presumably its too much of a licensing nightmare to get anywhere near Spotify. Shame.

Vanilla // Forgettin’

So happy to have Vanilla back with some brand new beats. Usually we only have to wait a year before he drops another album. This time round we had to wait an extra 3 months. Not sure how we managed. This time round its a bit smoother and less soulful. Nothing wrong with that at all.

One of my early favourites of ‘Moonlight’ is this great flip of Michael McDonald’s ‘I Keep Forgettin’. Vanilla’s signature tight production is there in full force as he turns the original groove well up with that punchy vocal and guitar.

Looking forward to digging into the rest of the album and discovering which sampled gems are hidden there. Something to distract me from endlessly wondering (and googling) ‘who the hell is Vanilla‘!

Grab your copy of ‘Moonlight’ here


harris cole // game over!

Harris Cole was trying to find out the chord progression to the classic Super Mario ‘Game Over’ theme and the result is this beautiful laid back tribute. So chilled and so lush it just sucks you in until you’re wondering why every song doesn’t have Mario popping up to whisper ‘Game Over’ in your ear. It’s a twinkling lullaby for the Nintendo nostalgia generation.


Now playing … 7th July Edition

These are some tracks we’ve been listening to and enjoying over the past week, including:

Kelly Ann Corfield‘s lovely track ‘Sway’ really caught our attention with the silky smooth vocals and lovely guitar sound. We believe she has a really big future and if she keeps producing excellent chilled out vibes like this then there’s very little to stop her!

Another track which caught our attention is the old school remix of Andres Sierra’s ‘Maxed Out’ by Andree. The beat is deep and reminiscent of a younger Craig David which provides  Sierra’s vocals with an excellent accompaniment and the two appear to mix together wonderfully well.

The main vocal sample in Catching Flies‘ track ‘Change of Heart’ should be very familiar, it’s sampled from the  wonderful Cheryl Lynne and her disco classic ‘Got to Be Real’. This track does great justice to a classic voice with it’s reinterpretation as well as chilled out vibe. The beat combined with a great piano composition has lead  this to become a real favourite!

Swedish future superstar Bishat stuns with her song ‘Mine’. We think this song will have a serious impact on the musical landscape and it’s easy to see why! Her voice is seriously soulful and sounds even better when mixed with a wonderful beat, perfect for any mood and environment. We hope she keeps up the good work!

Enjoy the tracks, let us know what you’re loving and make sure to check out our playlist from last week.

Kelly Ann Corfield // Sway

Andres Sierra // Maxed Out (Andree Remix)

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