Amelia Airhorn // NY Is Red Hot

Bit late to the party but our absolute favourite disco vapour monster Skylar Spence has teamed up with The Knocks called Amelia Airhorn … because why the hell not. ‘NY Is Red Hot’ takes a sample of boogie heavyweight ‘Take The Country to New York City’ by Bohannon and adds some extra groove. Great fun for this summer heat.

Dig into the whole album over here on Soundcloud as presumably its too much of a licensing nightmare to get anywhere near Spotify. Shame.

SAINT PEPSI x Maxo // Celebrate Me

We are big fans of Saint Pepsi and I am also a big fan of the lovely lovely Maxo. So they have collaborated on this fantastic track called ‘Celebrate Me’. With a recurring beautiful old style vocal sample, jazz and techo expansions what is not to love. Great artwork too, what a masterpiece. It pretty much describes my Friday, chilled to hardcore. Take that how you will. Happy Friday! Em

Saint Pepsi // Fiona Coyne

For his Carpark Records debut, Saint Pepsi takes a step away from the more genre-shuffling styles of his previous releases to focus his skills on high-power pop, well I mean it still sounds disco, sort of.
Mastermind Ryan DeRobertis lays down a funky guitar riff and bass line of Chic-quality to tease our senses before tickling us silly with the chorus’ ecstatic horns. Such a pretty track! Em