Ladi6 // Beffy

Regrettably I’ve only just discovered the music of Auckland native Ladi6. On first listen I was instantly hooked by the husky vocal and punchy drums that open up the mysteriously named ‘Beffy’. One note at a time, a hypnotic synth melody builds the to a killer electro-soul hook. Really clever production and songwriting. Bounce, wobble and soul.

Time to dig into the Ladi6 archives.


Now Playing … 28th June Edition

These are some of the tracks that we’ve been listening to recently and enjoying featuring:

The fresh take of Chase Miles on the 90’s R&B classic ‘You’re the One’ by the ultra successful female group SWV (Sister’s With Voices). We’re loving the summery vibe of this song and this modern electronic revamp certainly does justice to the original. Another song we’re excited about is ‘Acid Symphony’ by ELZ. The Turkish singer, songwriter and producer combines with the vocals of Valley to provide self-conscious and haunting vocals and lyrics as well as downbeat minimalist feel make this song seriously atmospheric. US artist Kagwe takes a more experimental approach with his tune ‘afrognamedgrace’ but we love it all the same! There are so many different sounds going on from Japanese influences to more classical violin elements which combine to make a weirdly wonderful vibe.

Check them out along with many more below ….

SWV // You’re the One (Chase Miles remix)

ELZ // Acid Symphony

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Phinisey // Something New

When you read about a producer stepping into the spotlight with a solo project you have to be on your guard. You might be just about to hear a lot of slick production trickery that ultimately serves to distract from other missing elements in a song. So I was pleased to discover that was absolutely not the case when I hit play on Phinisey’s ‘Something New’.

The production is all there thats for sure. Beefy, chugging keyboards sit so well against echoing finger snaps and the punchy combo of bass and kick drum. A spacious mix of a restrained sonic palette. But the other thoughtful elements of the track stack up against the production. Phinisey’s soulful vocal and strong songwriting catch the ear and keeps you locked it.

It’s a track well worth adding to your downtempo jams playlist. Make sure to check the rest of the EP on your music delivery service of choice.