Sans Soucis: Air

Loving the textures and layers of this one from Sans Soucis!

I spent quite some time wallowing in my insecurities and fear of failure, that I almost forgot how much courage it takes in a time like this to be real, to still believe we can inspire each other, to believe we can support and help people around us by simply being a great example. It’s a tremendous responsibility that I can only actively do while I am alive.”
“Air is vital for our survival, which is something that we’ve started reconsidering during this tough year. With this song, I am trying to talk to someone who has lost focus, their compass or purpose.” Sans Soucis 

Funkmammoth : Retirement Resort *album feature + interview*

Another amazing producer we are into right now is Funkmammoth who is also in that ‘sample world’. His new album ‘Retirement Resort’ takes you on a magical sonic journey to different areas of this made up resort.

We had a chat with Funkmammoth about this album, enjoy!

You have called this album your dream album, can you please expand on this?

When I say it’s my “dream album”, that could be interpreted using the definition of “dream” as either an aspiration someone has, or the series of occurrences / stories that occur during sleep. It’s up to the listener what kind of story they’re listening to. The little samples that pop up throughout the album aren’t as random as they might initially seem on the first listen.

What is your favourite sample from the album?

That’s a tough question! In the 200sum samples used to piece the record together a lot stand out, but I think that Ornella Vanoni’s L’appuntamento is my favorite. I’m a total sucker for French Easy Listening music and L’appuntamento is the gold standard for that genre. It’s also a nod to the Ocean’s movie trilogy, which I like to do in my music quite a bit.

Favourite classic soul record?

I would say Bobby Caldwell’s What You Won’t Do For Love. I initially found it through Flamingosis’  track “Down For The Fifth Time” which uses Bobby’s track Down For The Third Time. After checking out the rest of the album I was hooked. Each track is an absolute gem and the entire thing is consistently great.

Favourite production inspiration album, new and old?

Old: Röyksopp’s Melody A.M. got me into electronic music. Tracks like Poor Leno, Eple, and So Easy were repeats on my iPod growing up. Looking back at how those guys created the album, it’s honestly beyond me how they did it without modern day DAWS.

New: The Kount’s Virtually Yours. The Kount is finally blowing up and getting the recognition he deserves but this album is still severely under appreciated. Everything sounds like warm molasses. I recommend putting some good headphones on to truly appreciate it.


What should our readers be listening to right now?

Dirty Art Club is a guy who doesn’t get enough credit in my opinion. His latest release Gardens is a good representation of his discography. It’s what I imagine Mild High Club making chillhop would sound like.