Craig David // Follow Me

The big man Craig has come back with some exceptional vibes recently, including this amazing collaboration with Kaytranada.  It definitely made me look back into some of his old stuff – which I STILL love. My favourite track by him is this one, Follow Me, from his 2001 album ‘Born To Do It‘. Also, can we please appreciate how amazing the production is on this whole album.

Sexy, groovy stuff from the big man. Yes please.

Kaytranada // Go Ahead & IVE GOT YOUR

Kaytranada has been very generous indeed by dropping 8 – yes 8 – new tracks and edits over on his soundcloud page. My pick of the bunch has to be the dance-floor perfect ‘Go Ahead’ which ebbs and flows with all that bass and hand-clapping goodness. Stick around to the end for a lush and wonderfully stately string breakdown.

Huge fan of ‘IVE GOT YOUR’ as well (below). No surprise because it hangs around a pitched up soulful Genre Confused fave Ned Doheny ‘I’ve Got Your Number’. Nothing is as chill as Ned and Kaytranada knows it.

He has even made them available to download so listen to them all and grab those WAVs whilst you still can here.