Duval Timothy – Older Than We Used To Be

Multidisciplinary artist Duval Timothy has re-released (and made available on streaming) a reconfigured version of his 2016 album ‘Brown Loop’. Recorded in his NYC apartment for solo piano its an atmospheric album full of space and the warm sounds of the instrument.

Full of minimalist repeating lines and lush harmonies the whole LP is an exercise in slowly turning repeating patterns and expansive themes inside out and reassembling them.

Check out ‘Older Than We Used To Be’ for a repeating bass line that unfurls into a beautifully disjointed waltz. Perfect for a rainy afternoon

bsd.u // night on the beach

Sticking with the vapour instrumental beats we kicked off last week with Vanilla. It just seems to be the perfect kind of relaxed sounds for the closing in weather and suddenly darker evenings.

‘night on the beach’ is a beat from bandcamp lurker bsd.u that just cools everything down. It’s actually using the same sample which Vanilla re-purposed in ‘Arrow’ from his recent release Origin. bsd.u takes it a different way and brings it right down. Beaut.

Make sure to check out the whole of bsd.u’s excellent, and excellently named, [late night bumps 4].


Vanilla // Somebody

As loyal readers of Genre Confused will know, we are huge fans of the mysterious producer/soundcloud account owner Vanilla and his gravity defying beats and reworks of Soul classics. Thankfully he (?) keeps putting out little nuggets on his Soundcloud for us to treasure.

‘Somebody’ is one of these nuggets. It is a reimagining of the great Glenn Jones’ ‘I Am Somebody’ but in Vanilla’s hands it becomes a completely different track. The funky bass is elevated to a new level, spiky nile-esque guitar pops out of the mix and snippets of vocals join together to create a catchy hook. Its a slice of late night boogie and summer all at the same time. A heady combination.

Apparently there is lots of new stuff coming soon and we can’t wait. Until then we will trade favours/poems/hugs with anyone who can tell us who this producer is. We need to buy him a drink.


Imyme // Nimbus

Today we are bringing you something really special from Joe Isherwood, aka Imyme, who has just dropped a new release on UK label Not Like That called Nimbus EP.

‘Nimbus’ is a delicate, atmospheric track and my personal highlight from the EP. The opening suspended piano chords morph into a flowing line which drives the track forward towards its more electronic middle sections. I think it is the details which I enjoy most about ‘Nimbus’. Throughout there are little background noises that come forward in the mix for just a second. Soft clinking sounds in the distance that help to give a sense of space. I really would recommend listening on a good pair of speakers if you can. Imyme has clearly given careful thought to spacing and mixing of the EP and the combination of acoustic and electronic sounds.

Above all it makes me feel very relaxed when I listen to it which is not a feeling a get from most of the new music that comes my way these days. More please

Make sure you listen to the whole of the EP. Its short and sweet but its got a lot to offer. The plucked opening sample in ‘Masquerade’ brings to mind Clap! Clap! and its violin motif sounds like it could have been borrowed from a Steve Reich’s sketch. It is beautiful stuff. ‘Auziry’ even comes with an animation from artist Rosie Roche as its music video.

This is an artist and a label to watch. We look forward to what comes next. Until then make sure you listen to the whole EP  and enjoy this album artwork-as-gif.


Nimbus EP artwork GIF