Oscar King // Bring It All Back

This debut single from new artist and multi-instrumentalist Oscar King and his collaborator is a darkly synthesized slow jam that keeps you coming back.

King’s atmospheric soundscape and smooth vocals has already drawn comparisons to Banks, James Blake and FKA Twigs. His ever shifting sound twists and turns much like the identity of the man himself. This first track is surely the start of a special project from King with much more to come in the future.

Hiskind calls it a ‘highlight amid the dark electro-pop landscape’ and we have to agree.


Have a listen

Vanilla // Forgettin’

So happy to have Vanilla back with some brand new beats. Usually we only have to wait a year before he drops another album. This time round we had to wait an extra 3 months. Not sure how we managed. This time round its a bit smoother and less soulful. Nothing wrong with that at all.

One of my early favourites of ‘Moonlight’ is this great flip of Michael McDonald’s ‘I Keep Forgettin’. Vanilla’s signature tight production is there in full force as he turns the original groove well up with that punchy vocal and guitar.

Looking forward to digging into the rest of the album and discovering which sampled gems are hidden there. Something to distract me from endlessly wondering (and googling) ‘who the hell is Vanilla‘!

Grab your copy of ‘Moonlight’ here


CVIRO & GXNXVS // Problem


This is a serious dose of 90’s R&B vibe which is so smooth and fun perfect for any mood. Producer CVIRO pairs up with the Australian singer GXNXVS to create a nostalgic tune reminiscent of the gone but not yet forgotten era of Blackstreet as well as Boyz II Men. The vocals are soulful and smooth over the cleanly produced beats.

These two are seriously talented. Watch this space.





Ladi6 // Beffy

Regrettably I’ve only just discovered the music of Auckland native Ladi6. On first listen I was instantly hooked by the husky vocal and punchy drums that open up the mysteriously named ‘Beffy’. One note at a time, a hypnotic synth melody builds the to a killer electro-soul hook. Really clever production and songwriting. Bounce, wobble and soul.

Time to dig into the Ladi6 archives.