Oscar King // Bring It All Back

This debut single from new artist and multi-instrumentalist Oscar King and his collaborator is a darkly synthesized slow jam that keeps you coming back.

King’s atmospheric soundscape and smooth vocals has already drawn comparisons to Banks, James Blake and FKA Twigs. His ever shifting sound twists and turns much like the identity of the man himself. This first track is surely the start of a special project from King with much more to come in the future.

Hiskind calls it a ‘highlight amid the dark electro-pop landscape’ and we have to agree.


Have a listen

Duke Hugh // Greenleaf

Latin guitar tinged intro and then funky bass. Whats not to love on this dreamy downtempo and lo-fi funk tune from our favourites over on Rhythm Section International. There is always something new to love on their excellent office playlist and inevitably it ends up being something they’ve released themselves. Make sure to check out the whole of Duke Hugh’s debut ‘Canvas’. Great morning record.


Charlotte Day Wilson // After All

Been really enjoying this woozy and soulful track from Toronto native and The WAYO vocalist Charlotte Day Wilson over the last couple of weeks. I’ve found myself drawn back to its subtle groove and bell-like Rhodes hooks again and again. Its a delicate balance between dark and light. Flowing vocals are layered on top of each other underscored by rasping saxophone stabs, echoing clicks and twinkling keys. A beautiful song. Looking forward to hearing more.


Bootsy Collins // I’d Rather Be With You

Taking it back to 1976 for this filthy jam from Bootsy Collins’ first post-Funkadelic album Stretchin’ Out in Bootsy’s Rubber Band. This frequently sampled slow jam has got everything you need, Bootsy’s breathy vocals, heartbeat bassline and hushed chorus. Can’t get enough of the way the melodica plays counter melodies in the background. I knew the melodica had use outside of dub … Turns out that use was in funky slow jams!

Unsurprisingly ‘I’d Rather Be With You’ is a cornerstone of my Slinky Soul slow jam playlist on Spotify. I’m sure you’ll want to subscribe to it immediately since its stuffed with turned down #bangers. Get listening.