Jungo Sound // Cabo Cabo

We’re very excited to share something really special. The first release from our brand new label Genre Confused Records … Inventive name right?

Eagle eared readers may have already had a taste of the first official release from Jungo Sound when we feature a earlier version of this song a while ago. But its back with a fresh new sound and we can’t wait for you to hear ‘Cabo Cabo’.


Jungo Sound are a production duo, one part from New York and the other from London who bumped into each other at a party in Jamaica. Snow and Ollie (also 1 part of Annie Mac tipped The Busy Twist) together bridge the gap between their cultures and musical experiences to create a sound that is both tropical and old school.

‘Cabo Cabo’ is an introduction to Jungo Sound’s production style. A sound that sits somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic, between The Busy Twist’s multi-culture bass and the beats of Snow’s native USA. Throw on some dreamy saxophone for a track that’s one part tropical chill and one part Angolan Kizomba.

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Ollie and Emily

Now playing … 7th July Edition

These are some tracks we’ve been listening to and enjoying over the past week, including:

Kelly Ann Corfield‘s lovely track ‘Sway’ really caught our attention with the silky smooth vocals and lovely guitar sound. We believe she has a really big future and if she keeps producing excellent chilled out vibes like this then there’s very little to stop her!

Another track which caught our attention is the old school remix of Andres Sierra’s ‘Maxed Out’ by Andree. The beat is deep and reminiscent of a younger Craig David which provides  Sierra’s vocals with an excellent accompaniment and the two appear to mix together wonderfully well.

The main vocal sample in Catching Flies‘ track ‘Change of Heart’ should be very familiar, it’s sampled from the  wonderful Cheryl Lynne and her disco classic ‘Got to Be Real’. This track does great justice to a classic voice with it’s reinterpretation as well as chilled out vibe. The beat combined with a great piano composition has lead  this to become a real favourite!

Swedish future superstar Bishat stuns with her song ‘Mine’. We think this song will have a serious impact on the musical landscape and it’s easy to see why! Her voice is seriously soulful and sounds even better when mixed with a wonderful beat, perfect for any mood and environment. We hope she keeps up the good work!

Enjoy the tracks, let us know what you’re loving and make sure to check out our playlist from last week.

Kelly Ann Corfield // Sway

Andres Sierra // Maxed Out (Andree Remix)

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Dionisio Maio // Dia Ja Manche

Analog Africa have done it again and located an absolute treasure trove of undiscovered gems all the way on Cabo Verde, 350 miles off the cost of West Africa. They managed to unearth a bumper collection of electronic dance floor grooves packed and extraterrestrial synths that had gone relatively unheard for decades.

Word has it that a ship packed with synths Baltimore 1968 bound for Rio De Janeiro, the first major showcase of electronic equipment and gadgets in South America. But the ship went missing and appeared off the coast of Cape Verde three months later like it had fallen from the skies. The cargo ended up in storage in a local church, no use to a community without electricity. As electricity became more widespread in the 70s and 80s a cosmic funk scene developed. Great story – even if it isn’t quite true!

They’ve given us a taste of what to expect in this exciting compilation with Dionisio Maio’s ‘Dia Ja Manche’. Full on funky banger with scratching guitar, cutting synths and harmonised vocal hooks. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the release and dig into this music. I spent most of 2015 listening to William Onyeabor so I’m looking forward to making my 2016 about Space Echo and cosmic funk.


Anchorsong // Last Feast

The second full length offering from Anchorsong – AKA Tokyo-born, London-based electronic artist Masaaki Yoshida – came out last week on Tru Thoughts and I’ve had it on rotation all week. Ceremonial is an album that, quite literally, wears its African influences on its (record) sleeve.

a0506008684_10‘Last Feast’ is a standout track from the album for me. Yoshida’s minimalist production works so well in combination with the playful vocal sample that builds with catchy marimba lines and swirling organs straight out of the West Africa of the 1970s. Full on marimba fun.

It’s eclectic genre-hopping stuff and very Tru Thoughts. Check out some Clap Clap if you want more big African inspired production and if thats all a bit heavy check out ‘Butterflies‘ – one of the lighter and jazzier tracks on Ceremonial.


The Acid // Fame

One of the highlights from my trip to the Reeperbahn Festival was The Acid. Absolutely rammed and almost instantly one-in-one-out this was one of the gigs of the festival. Live, The Acid’s mix of downtempo indie, dance and R&B really had the crowd going with some surprisingly big beats in between their etherial electronics.

Also every girl in the room was going completely mad every time Ry X opened his mouth or adjusted his cap. So it must have been good. Give the whole album a listen. Lots to offer.