One of our favourite tracks from this year is the acronym banger ‘I.D.C.B.U’ from producer SIBA. Sitting somewhere between 90s pop and silvery electronic experimentalism it is a tune we can’t escape from. He doesn’t care about you but we care about this track, especially the blood curdling shrieks that break up the bass. 2016’s answer to the water droplet and bed spring effects perhaps?

Get it below.

Duke Hugh // Greenleaf

Latin guitar tinged intro and then funky bass. Whats not to love on this dreamy downtempo and lo-fi funk tune from our favourites over on Rhythm Section International. There is always something new to love on their excellent office playlist and inevitably it ends up being something they’ve released themselves. Make sure to check out the whole of Duke Hugh’s debut ‘Canvas’. Great morning record.


Clap! Clap! // Ar-Raqis

Yes, yes, yes. The confusingly punctuated Clap! Clap! is back with the first track from his brand new album. ‘Ar-Raqis’ is a start to finish good time. Carefully manipulated chanting kicks us off before the bass drops. Can’t get enough of that bass.

Clap! Clap! was responsible for one of the best sets I saw this year when he supported Omar Souleyman – An absolute visual and auditory treat. I encourage you to catch him live and stream the hell out of the excellent LP Tayi Bebba in the meantime.


Aura // Let Go It’s Over

Another excellent re-issue from Hawaiian old-soul purveyors Aloha Got Soul. A collaboration between GC favourite Mike Lundy, Lemur and Aura this sounds like an LP I need to own. Any soul & funk group is only as good as it’s ballads and here Aura do not disappoint. ‘Let Go It’s Over’ is silky smooth with a bottom end to match those smooth vocals.

The whole LP is coming soon.


PUSHER // Tell You

This is just pure fun! PUSHER (born Marty Bernie) is a  Canadian Musician/Producer/DJ based in Toronto. He combines a weirdly youthful vibe with soulful vocals and a sharp sound to create a real 90’s feel to this tune. It’s one of those songs that you can’t quite put your finger on why you like it but you can’t stop listening to it!

A song guaranteed to cheer you up!