Pepe California : MELI-FALI

My tune of the day is brought to you from Japanese band Pepe California all the way back from 2000. Without speaking Japanese its impossible to get really any information on the band but they make excellent lo-fi, dreamy and eclectic music.

Came across them care of a compilation called Music For Dreams: The Sunset Sessions, Vol. 3 by Copenhagen based label Music For Dreams.

Lockdown has pretty much broken me. And now I find myself making endless and needlessly specific playlists for different restaurants around the world that I can’t visit anymore. Favourites from the ‘before times’. The breezy whistled hook and relaxed synths of MALI-FALI goes with a beachside negroni + pasta spot near Naples.

Branko – SDDS

GC favourite and Enchufada founder Branko is launching a second Enchufada Na Zona compilation. Today he kicks things off with his own single ‘SDDS’. It is a reflective and warm slice of the global club music he is so well known for.

The compilation drops on July 10th and includes a selection of original music, edits and remixes, all created during quarantine from home studios in Lisbon, Accra, São Paulo, London or Paris. Looking forward to hearing it