Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti // Squash

Pass over the the desperately outdated and cheesy front cover and make sure to check out this choice cut of Brazilian 80s boogie straight from the mind of musician and production legend Lincoln Olivetti. Over the years he worked with some of the most important names from that period in Brazilian music including Jorge Ben, Tim Maia, and Erasmo Carlos. Hiding behind the mellow groove is a funky and propulsive backbone that drives this whole track forward. This track and the album in general is a perfect jumping off point to the world of Tim Maia, Marcos Valle and Rio De Janeiro’ sun kissed coastal boogie. If you like what you hear then wrap your ears around more of the same.



Tim Maia // E Necesario

Continuing the thread of Latin influenced soul I thought it was about time I posted some Tim Maia. Can’t quite believe we have not featured him on the blog before. His blend of Brazilian music and American soul saw him rise to the top of the Brazilian music pile in the 70s before a huge and inevitable crash.

I first came across his music thanks to Luaka Bop and their Tim Maia compilation. His first international release that he always dreamed of. I’ve been hooked ever since.

‘E Necesario’ is one of my favourite tracks from the album and a great jumping off point for discovering more of his amazing music. Front heavy horns and chanting chorus. So great.


Marcos Valle // Estrelar

Essential cut from Brazilian legend Marcos Valle. Its got everything you need – big horn introduction, tongue twisting lyrics and funky groove.

It was originally marketed as “workout music” which immediately makes it 100% better. This helps to explain all the smoothies in the album art. One of your funky five a day. Delicious.


Update: A video exists. (of course)

Close your eyes children.

Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti // Aleluia

This track is included in the compilation ‘Brazilian Beats Brooklyn’ which is made up of original 60’s and 70’s Brazilian funk, soul and samba gems made up by the label Mr Bongo.  This is my favourite track off the album, it is like 70’s disco mixed with a Latin beat. Brazilian Beats Brooklyn is also a weekly party that is thrown in New York with all these types of sounds. Since it is during the World Cup you should give it a whirl, I mean why not?  Em