Duval Timothy – Older Than We Used To Be

Multidisciplinary artist Duval Timothy has re-released (and made available on streaming) a reconfigured version of his 2016 album ‘Brown Loop’. Recorded in his NYC apartment for solo piano its an atmospheric album full of space and the warm sounds of the instrument.

Full of minimalist repeating lines and lush harmonies the whole LP is an exercise in slowly turning repeating patterns and expansive themes inside out and reassembling them.

Check out ‘Older Than We Used To Be’ for a repeating bass line that unfurls into a beautifully disjointed waltz. Perfect for a rainy afternoon

Pepe California : MELI-FALI

My tune of the day is brought to you from Japanese band Pepe California all the way back from 2000. Without speaking Japanese its impossible to get really any information on the band but they make excellent lo-fi, dreamy and eclectic music.

Came across them care of a compilation called Music For Dreams: The Sunset Sessions, Vol. 3 by Copenhagen based label Music For Dreams.

Lockdown has pretty much broken me. And now I find myself making endless and needlessly specific playlists for different restaurants around the world that I can’t visit anymore. Favourites from the ‘before times’. The breezy whistled hook and relaxed synths of MALI-FALI goes with a beachside negroni + pasta spot near Naples.

Samm Henshaw // Higher Love

Coming off the back of an absolutely superb EP in 2015, Samm Henshaw has kicked off the year with a new track. Its all about his voice. Stripped back and surrounded by solid piano and a lush string arrangement. Beautiful way to start the year. Higher love indeed.

Make sure to follow it up with this stunning acoustic version of ‘Only Wanna Be With You’. Liquid emotion.


Novo Amor & Ed Tullett // Faux

The first joint venture between Ali Lacey and Ed Tullett is really something special. Subtle electronics, melting falsetto and clean acoustic guitar transform and build into something bigger and darker. A full length collaboration LP is on the way and if this first taste is anything to go by, its an album that we will have on repeat. Production and song writing at their best.

Also, how about that cover art? Beautiful.