Acid Arab // La Hafla feat. Sofiane Saidi

Parisian duo Acid Arab have announced their new album. For our first taste of their new work they’ve released ‘La Halfa’ which features the vocal work of Sofiane Saidi. This track sounds to me like a rework of an instrumental from last year but turned up a notch. It sounds fantastic.

It’s sounds like all the good thing we love about Omar Souleyman and the darker end of the Four Tet spectrum. A great mix and a fitting tribute to the music of North Africa. Looking forward to hearing the album when it drops in October.


113 // Tonton du bled (Guido Minisky Acid Arab Edit)

There is lots of wonderful music coming out of France at the moment and Acid Arab are right up there. They’re mission is to blend together Arabic music with electronic but in a way which goes beyond slapping a sample on top of a beat. I first got introduced to them through this edit that Guido Minisky did of ‘Tonton du bled’. Big drums and Arabic strings all mixed up with French hip-hop but in a nicely extended version. Definitely one to check out. They’ve got loads of great mixes up on their Soundcloud but make sure you’re not listening on your phone because you’ll want to have Shazam going basically constantly.