Leon Haywood // Don’t Push It Don’t Force It

Check the first 5 seconds of this track! Once you hear that huge bass slide into that groove you know. You just know.

Disco/Soul superstar Leon Haywood brings his A-game. Horn stabs, cheesy lyrics, foot stomping groove and album artwork that looks more creepy than anything. Ticking all the boxes. Never has a guitar and bass groove just been so crisp. 1980 at its best.



Kailo // Go Dee

This is a great track from a young Sydney-based producer named Kailo (you HAVE to check out his SoundCloud too). This track is a tribute to the one and only J Dilla. I seem to be really into throwbacks and samples right now and this is definitely one that I keep repeating, and for a good reason. It reminds me of this, but yet again I know Snakehips are big fans of J Dilla too. Definitely check this one out. Em


Chromeo // Jealous (Funk LeBlanc Remix)

We love a good remix, as you may already know. This is a remix from funk and disco producer Funk LeBlanc who has been around for a good 15 years. I generally love a bit of Chromeo, granted their earlier music, but this remix  of their track ‘Jealous’ is absolutely banging! I literally can’t get enough of his music right now, especially this mix which has some golden oldies in it, perfect for a Friday night. Em

SAINT PEPSI x Maxo // Celebrate Me

We are big fans of Saint Pepsi and I am also a big fan of the lovely lovely Maxo. So they have collaborated on this fantastic track called ‘Celebrate Me’. With a recurring beautiful old style vocal sample, jazz and techo expansions what is not to love. Great artwork too, what a masterpiece. It pretty much describes my Friday, chilled to hardcore. Take that how you will. Happy Friday! Em

J Tropic // Who U Are

J Tropic brings out lovely chilled trap sounds here in the track ‘Who U Are’ , really glad this popped up on my SoundCloud feed, it is one of my favourite tracks right now. It has a nice edited soundscape in the background at times which brings a wider element to the whole track and it is sometimes unnoticeable which is really interesting. I have a lot of hope for this. Em