Vasser // Stay With Me

As the success of Mura Masa has shown, people are in love with a bit of low-key chopped trap beats and mangled vocals. I very much include myself in that group as Mura Masa has been making near-constant appearances on my Spotify for the last couple of year.

Vasser is an exciting young producer taking this sound and running with it. ‘Stay With Me’ is my favourite of Vasser’s slick collection of tracks. Wordless vocals float above bubbling synths with led by breathy flute lines and tuned percussion that sounds like levelling up on your favourite 8-bit computer game. So much groove.

Make sure to check out his remix of Lewis Lane’s ‘Lets Dance’ which is in fact uses the same samples that Mura Masa uses in ‘Lovesick Fuck’. Thats no coincidence.

Looking forward to hearing what comes next for Vasser.