Anchorsong // Last Feast

The second full length offering from Anchorsong – AKA Tokyo-born, London-based electronic artist Masaaki Yoshida – came out last week on Tru Thoughts and I’ve had it on rotation all week. Ceremonial is an album that, quite literally, wears its African influences on its (record) sleeve.

a0506008684_10‘Last Feast’ is a standout track from the album for me. Yoshida’s minimalist production works so well in combination with the playful vocal sample that builds with catchy marimba lines and swirling organs straight out of the West Africa of the 1970s. Full on marimba fun.

It’s eclectic genre-hopping stuff and very Tru Thoughts. Check out some Clap Clap if you want more big African inspired production and if thats all a bit heavy check out ‘Butterflies‘ – one of the lighter and jazzier tracks on Ceremonial.